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 1 lb. Dogwood Honey
 1 lb. Saw Palmetto Honey
 1 oz. Beeswax Block
 16 oz. Beeswax Hex Block
 5 Bird Assortment
 A (Glass) Shattering Interview with Tony Glander
 A Taste of Lauscha
 All Fired Up!
 All That Glitters
 An Introduction to Using Borocolour
 Bass Fiddle/ Hazelnut Brown
 Bass Fiddle/ Satin White
 Beadmaking 101 Part 1
 Beadmaking 101 Part 2
 Bear/White Satin
 Bethlehem Alpha
 Bethlehem Bravo
 Bethlehem Champion
 Bethlehem Champion Sharp Flame
 Bethlehem Torch Cleaning Kit
 Bluebird of Happiness with Spun Glass Tail, Large
 Canework- Murrine, Filigrana and External Color Patterns
 Carlisle Black Widow
 Carlisle CC
 Carlisle CC+
 Carlisle CC+ RP Model
 Carlisle CC++
 Carlisle HellCat
 Carlisle Lucio Burner Without Casting
 Carlisle Mini CC
 Carlisle Wildcat
 Carnivale Clown/Fuchsia
 Cheaper by the Dozen!
 Christmas Candle/Golden
 Christmas Ornament Assortment
 Collectible Santa
 Comb Honey 4" x 4" Square
 Deck the Halls with Michael Haberland
 Exploring Art Clay Silver
 Fire In Flight
 Flamework An Intimate Art with Suellen Fowler
 Flameworking with Dichroic Glass
 Flameworking with Teamwork, Technology and Scale
 Geometric Spiral
 Glass Expert Webinars Info
 Glasscaster/ Behind the Iron Curtain with Fred Birkhill
 Glasscaster/The Many Faces of Peggy Pettigrew Stewart
 Golden Angel/ Large
 It's Just a Demo
 Lauscha Opaque Steel Blue 8-10 mm
 Lauscha Autumn Harvest Collection 1 lb.
 Lauscha Autumn Harvest Mini-Pack
 Lauscha Candy Cane Assortment
 Lauscha Clear (SNT 100) 12-14 mm
 Lauscha Clear (SNT 100) 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Clear SOFT (SNT 101) 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Fun Pack
 Lauscha Glass Pen Kit with Candy Cane
 Lauscha Opaque Black 4-6 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Black 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Champagne Mocha 4-6 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Cocoa 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Creme Brulee 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Dark Cobalt 6-8 mm BY THE ROD
 Lauscha Opaque Kryolith White 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Lilac 8-10 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Lime/ Green Apple 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Olive 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Stardust Blue 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Sunshine Yellow 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Thuringen Salmon 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Vanilla Ice (White with Silver) 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Opaque Wedgwood Blue 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Purple Pack
 Lauscha Ribbed Clear for Pen Nibs 6-10 mm
 Lauscha Thuringen Herb (Transparent Olive-Green-Grey) 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Translucent Chocolate Kiss 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Translucent Devil's Red/Radiant Red 2019 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Translucent Lemony Snickett 7-9 mm
 Lauscha Translucent Misty Blue Milky Way 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Translucent Sea Mist Milky Way 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Translucent Strawberry Red 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Amber Light 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Amber Medium 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Aquamarine Medium 4-6 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Blueberry 4-6 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Blutonium 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Champagne 7-9 mm ODD
 Lauscha Transparent Citron 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Dark Amethyst 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Dark Green 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Green 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Ice Blue 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Lavender 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Light Amethyst/Pink 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Light Cobalt 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Medium Amethyst 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Medium Cobalt BY THE ROD 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Mint
 Lauscha Transparent Moss Green 4-6 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Purple 4-6 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Seashell Pink 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Smoke Grey 4-6 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Tangerine 6-8 mm
 Lauscha Transparent Vampire's Wine 8-10 mm
 Making Dichroic Beads
 Making Inside-Out Beads
 Master of Montage
 Master of Montage/German Version
 Multicolored Ice Bird, Large, with Clip
 Mushroom/ Fly Agaric with Face
 Musician with Accordion
 Nortel Major Burner- Mega Minor Top Fire
 Nortel Major Burner- Surface Mix Top Fire
 Nortel Mega Minor Bench Burner
 Nortel Midrange Bench Burner
 Nortel Midrange Plus Bench Burner
 Nortel Midrange Plus Mega Minor Bench Burner
 Nortel Midrange Plus Premix Bench Burner
 Nortel Minor Burner
 Nortel Red Max Pre-Mix Bench Burner
 Nortel Red Max Surface Mix Bench Burner
 Nortel Red Rocket
 Nutty Squirrel
 Red Round Santa
 Robin Redbreast, Hazelnut with Angel Hair Tail, Small
 Sharp Flame Hand Torch
 Snowman with Sparkles
 Snowman, Satin
 STACKS 1 (No Base)
 STACKS 1 with Base
 Stacks Base with Torch Barrel Mount
 STACKS Complete
 STACKS II (No Base)
 STACKS II with Base
 Surface Decoration
 The Bethlehem Grand Sharp Flame
 The Eyes Have It!
 Tools & Tesserae
 Tri-Color Orange 8-10 mm
 Using Northstar Frit and Powder
 Village Chapel
 What is Man? Aspects of Scale in Flameworked Sculpture
 Wise Old Owl Chocolate Satin with Cognac Details

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