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5 Bird Assortment


This breathtaking assortment of traditional birds comes to you from Lauscha, Germany. These are just like the birds you remember from your childhood. Your assortment will include birds with clip bases that perch happily upon your tree. Contains a variety of colors and styles, featuring both feathered and spun glass "tails".

List Price: $40.00
Price: $35.00

Bass Fiddle/ Hazelnut Brown


This bass fiddle is mold blown in Lauscha, Germany, birthplace of the glass Christmas ornament. Created from crystal tubing, it is blown, hand-silvered via a labor intensive process, and then handpainted. Totally traditional design. 16 cm./6.29"


List Price: $9.99
Price: $5.95



This hand painted white satin bear was created in Lauscha using a centuries old tradition. Glass tubing is melted and blown into a two part mold. Then, the ornament is hand silvered in a labor intensive technical process, following which it is dipped in lacquer, decorated, and capped. The Haberland family works hard to bring you the best in traditional German ornaments. 9 cm. 

See the Creation of an Old-World Ornament

List Price: $9.99
Price: $6.00

Bluebird of Happiness  with Spun Glass Tail, Large


A beautiful Bluebird like this can't help but make you happy when you perch it on your tree! Handblown in traditional German style, this ornament is made by Christbaumschmuck maker Michael Haberland, who carries on a family glass tradition that's now in it's fourth generation! Length: 12.7 cm./ 5"
List Price: $11.00
Price: $9.50
Out of Stock

Carnivale Clown


This Carnavale Clown is handblown from crystal tubing, hand-silvered and carefully painted. Created in Lauscha, Germany, the birthplace of the glass Christmas ornament. Produced by Michael Haberland, who's family has been creating classic Christmas ornaments for four generations! 9 cm./3.5". 

Price: $7.50

Cheaper by the Dozen!


 Buy by the dozen and save!  You'll receive 12 assorted ornaments, handmade in Lauscha by Michael Haberland and family.

PINECONES ANGELS, SANTAS, & STARS. SNOWFLAKES, NUTS, SQUIRRELS and TRAINS are just some of the selections that may be included in your assortment.  Your tree will sparkle with the enchanting magic of authentic Lauscha ornaments. Great for gifts! Beware of cheap imitations! Quantities are limited! Order yours today! 


Price: $99.00

Christmas Candle/Golden


Light your Christmas flame with this beautiful old-fashioned German ornament, mold blown in authentic old-world style! Made in the birthplace of the glass ornament, Lauscha, Germany, by third generation ornament artist Michael Haberland. Ornament is on a clip. 11 cm./4.33"
Price: $7.00

Christmas Ornament Assortment


 This incredible medley of magnificent traditional ornaments comes to you straight from Lauscha, Germany--the birthplace of the glass Christmas ornament! 

PINECONES, SANTAS, ANGELS, STARS, MUSHROOMS and TRAINS are just some of the styles that may be included. Your collection will contain between 6-8 ornaments in a variety of sizes. 

Now you, too, can celebrate 400 years of glass history by hanging authentic old-world ornaments on your tree! They also make great gifts. 

When you purchase an ornament from Lauscha, you are helping to preserve Lauscha's past and protect it's future. Beware of cheap imitations! These ornaments will quickly become treasured family heirlooms! Quantities are limited! Order Yours TODAY! 


Price: $55.00

Collectible Santa


This blown glass, hand painted ornament from Lauscha, Germany, is a great gift for that special someone on your Christmas list! (Might it be you?) Lovingly created with the utmost of care, this stunning Santa is destined to become a family heirloom. 18 cm./7.08". ONLY 4 LEFT!
List Price: $45.00
Price: $35.00
Out of Stock

Gold Checkerboard Bird with Spun Glass Tail, Large


This lovely large gold bird on a clip has handpainted wings that sparkle like a stained glass window! Such a beauty! Made in Lauscha, Germany in traditional old-world style. Length: 13.97 cm./ 5.5"
List Price: $14.00
Price: $11.50

Golden Angel/ Large


This ethereal golden angel with satiny white gown and gold wings is a breathtaking addition to your Haberland Christmas Collection! Large and lovely, you'll keep this in your family for generations! Handmade in Lauscha, Germany. 15 cm./ 5.90"
Price: $19.99
Out of Stock

Kneeling Angel with Fibre Wings


This precious kneeling angel seems to be thoughtfully appealing to the Divine as she adds a spiritual dimension to your tree! Handblown, silvered and painted in satin white with golden hair, her greatest feature is her traditional angel hair wings that are stiffened by a secret process. You'll enjoy this ornament for decades to come! 8 cm./3.14"
Price: $14.99
Out of Stock

Multicolored Ice Bird, Large, with Clip


This striking blown bird is created by Michael Haberland of Lauscha Germany, birthplace of the glass Christmas ornament. Perches happily on your tree. 14 cm./5.75" long.
List Price: $14.99
Price: $9.99
Out of Stock

Mushroom/ Fly Agaric with Face


This cheerful Fly Agaric mushroom has an adorable hand-painted face, as if she had just consumed a bite of her happily hallucinogenic self! Don't eat this one, though, she's made of blown glass! 10 cm./3.93"
Price: $15.00



This blown glass mushroom ornament is hand painted hazelnut brown and reminiscent of the yellow boletus mushroom you'd find in the forest. Created by Michael Haberland of Lauscha, Germany. 10 cm./3.93"
Price: $15.00

Musician with Accordion


Hand painted and mold blown, this mischevious musician is part of a long lineage of handcrafted Christmas ornaments. These ornaments are blown of crystal tubing, hand-silvered and hand-painted. We love this traditional figure because he so fancifully captures the facial expression of several of our friends in Lauscha! Produced by Michael Haberland of Lauscha, Germany. Now in stock! 9 cm./3.5".
Price: $8.99

Nutty Squirrel


This little squirrel has been scampering about in the Thüringen Wald, looking for a home. He wants to spend Christmas with YOU! Made in Lauscha using traditional techniques by Michael Haberland and family. 8 cm.


NOTE: Squirrels are now shipping in satin white with a brown pinecone.
List Price: $5.25
Price: $4.50

Oriole, Black and Orange, on Clip with Spun Glass Tail


Beautiful large bird, hand painted and with an angel hair spun glass tail, perches on your tree with a flexible clip. Made in Lauscha, Germany. 13.97 cm./5.5" length.
Price: $9.99



Referred to as "gherkins" in Germany, this is THE traditional European ornament. Made by Lauscha's Michael Haberland. 9 cm./3.54"


Price: $4.99
Out of Stock

Pinecone with Santa


This snow capped pine cone features a brilliant red Santa prominently right in front. Handmade by Michael Haberland in Lauscha, Germany. 10 cm.


Only 1 Left!
Price: $9.95
Out of Stock

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