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Webinar DVD/  Petra Kaiser Mold Making & Red Reactive Glasses


Even though you may have missed our Mold Making with Petra Kaiser online workshop, now you can watch the event on DVD, over and over again! Petra teaches you how to make your own free form molds. It's amazing how much flexibility you have and how easy it is to do. Petra will also explain how to get special effects when fusing with red reactive glasses. 2 hours.

Note: This data DVD contains video, audio and multimedia Flash files. To be played on a COMPUTER, not a DVD player. 

Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ Barbara Becker Simon/ Hollow Flameworked Beads Webinar DVD


Hollow beads are distinctive in shape, lightweight and part of every skilled lampworker's repertoire.  Though tricky to master, in this Webinar Barbara will approach this process in gradual steps so the technique can be more easily learned and several options for making and altering hollows will be demonstrated, including making a fine silver cores with metal clay.

Techniques covered include:

Proper application of glass to the mandrel
How to keep the walls of your hollows consistent in thickness 
Judging the heat necessary to maintain the form 
How to prevent collapse and what to do if it happens
Shaping, altering form, decoration and how to apply glass to a silver core.

-And as a bonus Barbara demonstrates a Puffy Mandrel Project! 

This DVD is suitable for both computer and DVD Player…so you can play it on a big screen tv.

Price: $49.00

Webinar DVD/ Cathy Claycomb Copper Foil Overlay


Copper Foil Overlay as you've never seen it before! Glass artist Cathy Claycomb will show you her unique method for sculpting with solder and adding hidden images to your stained glass work! And they said it couldn't be done! 

This DVD of our webinar gives you 2 hours of videos and slideshows as well as all of the chat from the attendees.


Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ Cathy Claycomb Sticks and Stones


Let's learn something different!

Cathy Claycomb brings new thoughts and ideas to her webinar Sticks and Stones. Learn how to combine non-traditiional glass objects to create ultra-contemporary panels. Her simple tips on fabrication allow you to combine items of irregular thickness into panels of unlimited size.

Please note that this is a Data DVD, to be played in your COMPUTER. 

Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ David Alcala Sand to Glass


David shares techniques from his book, Sand to Glass. He shares his Glass Tapestry Technique, along with Flexi-Glass Techniques. You'll learn how to design complex landscapes in only half an hour using colored frits!!! And his Flexi-Glass technique will enable you to add depth, shapes and sophistication to your fused work that you never thought possible.

Enjoy the best that the Internet has to offer . . . No airfare and no gas! We bring the teacher to you!


This data DVD includes the 2-hour webinar. You play it on your computer, not in your DVD player.

Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ David Alcala Taking Fusion to a Higher Degree


David Alcala shares his techniques for creating beautiful artwork using glass frits. Find out how to create vertical pattern bars, use Flexiglass, make coasters, mix up your own enamel paints, create a beautiful black and whites scene, and design landscapes quickly using frits and his reverse plate enameling technique. You can't believe how quickly intensely colored scenes come to life with his techniques!

This is a Data DVD of the recorded webinar. Played in your computer, you will see movies and slideshows and listen as David answers the questions that were asked by the webinar attendees. A terrific way to learn!

Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ Dennis Brady Coldworking


What separates the hobbyist from the professional? COLDWORKING! Whether kiln formed or flame worked glass, the most profound difference between average and professional work is the finishing work that is done after the fact. Dennis Brady shows you how to use a variety of cold working techniques to elevate your glass from average to exceptional.

See how to safely and effectively use cold working equipment for cutting, grinding, smoothing and polishing glass. Learn the difference between working with silicon carbide vs. diamonds.

Please note that this is a Data DVD to be played on your COMPUTER!

Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ Dennis Brady Discovering Glass Weaving


In case you've always wanted to learn how to weave glass, here's your chance! Glass artisan Dennis Brady will show you how glass strips can be arranged to create myriad different effects. You'll learn how the distance between spans affects the end result and how the diameter of the strips and color patterns will give you a whole new range of expression. 

This is a DATA DVD to be played in your computer.

Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ Dennis Brady Glass Casting


Casting glass in your kiln is an easy and exciting way to add dimension to your work….not to mention one of the fastest growing techniques in glass art today! Learn how to cast glass in a variety of different molds. Learn how to MAKE molds for casting.

Whether you want to make cabochons for jewelry, small decorative elements to enhance your projects, or large size stand alone castings, this webinar will teach you how! 

Please note that this is a DATA DVD, to be played on your COMPUTER!

Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ Dennis Brady Screen Melt


Watch Dennis Brady as he shows you how to create spectacular glass art from your scraps! Learn how swirling molten glass forms incredibly intricate patterns. This webinar will teach you how to understand how different colors react in a melt to help you plan your projects. You can use screen melts to produce fabulous trays, bowls and other functional glassware….or just cut them up to create unique cabochons for jewelry. 

Please Note: This DVD is a DATA DVD, to be played in your COMPUTER!

Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ Denny Berkery Copper Foil Method Stained Glass


How are your stained glass skills? A little rusty? Join Denny Berkery as he shares with you the skills necessary to construct a stained glass panel using the Copper Foil method. Starting with the selection of a pattern, through cutting, grinding and foiling, Denny will give you tips and tricks that make the process easy and fun! From the initial concept through to soldering and adding patina to your piece, Denny will present each step of the process in a precise, easy to understand way.

Please Note: This is a DATA DVD to be played on your COMPUTER!

Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ Kent Lauer Faceted Dichroic Glass Kent Lauer


Want to learn how to create your own brilliant faceted dichroic pendants? Let Kent Lauer show you how! This is the DVD version of our 2-hour webinar, featuring tons of technical videos, slideshows, and personal commentary from Kent.

This DVD is suitable for both computer and DVD Player…so you can play it on a big screen tv.

Price: $49.00

Webinar DVD/ Margo Clark & Dr. SJ Texture, Dimension and Color
1 of 2


Do you like to play with MUD? Then this is the DVD for you! You'll LOVE playing with this molding MUD that will add all kinds of texture and dimension to your glass. You'll see how to use MUD along with Unique Glass Colors to create flowers, "coral," decorative tiles and more. 

This DVD of our recorded webinar provides 2 hours of videos, chat and slideshows. You'll see exactly how all of the projects are created and get tips and tricks to help you along the way.


Price: $39.00

Webinar DVD/ Peggy Pettigrew Stewart Verre Eglomisé


Combine sandblasting, painting, and gilding with gold, silver and copper. You'll get dazzling results! This spectacular technique, called Verre Eglomisé will add to your glass art repertoire in ways you've never before imagined. 

This DVD is suitable for both computer and DVD Player…so you can play it on your big screen tv!

Price: $49.00
Out of Stock

Webinar DVD/ Tanya Veit Dichroic Odyssey, An Artist's Journey


On this remastered DVD, Tanya will take a look at scenic engraving with layering techniques using a variety of glass components and incorporating them into your dichroic jewelry. Work with liquid pattern bars, frit and engraving will be in one piece of jewelry!  Set up scenic canvases and learn how she created her Dichroic Window Jewelry.

Includes access to firing schedules.

This Dual Layer DVD will play on most DVD players.

Running Time: 2 hours 6 minutes 

Price: $59.00

Webinar DVD/ Tanya Veit Picasso Fusing


You, too, can discover how to create intricate dichroic patterns using Tanya's infamous "Picasso Fusing" technique. This DVD includes Tanya's trick for making spectacular engravings on glass, layering dichroic, and combining it with acid etching. A dynamo of a teacher, Tanya holds nothing back and shares her secrets with YOU.

This is a recording of Tanya's Picasso Fusing Webinar, now on DVD! This DVD is suitable for both computer and DVD Player…so you can play it on a big screen tv.

Price: $59.00

Webinar DVD/ Tanya Veit The Pebble Experience


The Pebble Experience is an exciting new journey in fusing, utilizing Bullseye powders, chemical reactions and frit.  This new jewelry line is like nothing ever seen and Tanya should know as she has spent the last year working tirelessly to develop this new technique. After viewing this webinar recording you will be able to make pieces with layer upon layer of floating pebbles with individual color reactions throughout!  If jewelry isn't your thing, don't worry! Watch as she demonstrates how to make attractive nestle bowls, and shares with you how she created her Pebble Tower---a 1/2 inch thick sculptural piece of glass with a look of floating ribbons and pebbles!

Includes access to firing schedules and Tanya's recipes for these projects.

This Dual Layer DVD will play on most DVD players.
Running Time: 2 hours 31 minutes

Price: $59.00

Webinar DVD/ Tony Glander Screen Printing on Glass
1 of 2


Ever thought about adding photos and faces to your glass work? Well, now you can! You'll be shown how to add painted imagery quickly and easily using screen printing, the same techniques used in making t-shirts. Wait till you see how easy it is to get started! You'll be able to add realism to your stained, fused, or mosaic glass projects using this innovative technique.

This is a DATA DVD. Play it on your COMPUTER. 

Price: $39.00

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