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Lauscha Transparent Light Cobalt 6-8 mm


Lauscha transparent Light Cobalt is smooth! Hand pulled in Germany. COE 104 compatible. 13" rods. 6-8 mm. 
Price: $5.25

Lauscha Transparent Medium Amethyst 6-8 mm


Lauscha's Medium Amethyst is a scrumptious color! It seems to change with the light, shifting from amethyst to a transparent dusty pink with blue overtones....Depending on what you work it with, you could emphasize and bring out it's amethyst tones, or work it with whites and warm tones to maximize the pink shift. Up to you! Fun to play with! Hand-pulled in Lauscha, Germany. COE 104 compatible. 13" rods. Quarter pound minimum per color. One pound minimum per order.
List Price: $23.33
Price: $14.00

Lauscha Transparent Medium Cobalt BY THE ROD   6-8 mm


Lauscha Transparent Medium Cobalt. Smooth & bright! Hand pulled in Germany. COE 104. 13" rods. 6-8 mm. Sold BY THE ROD.
Price: $0.75

Lauscha Transparent Mint


Transparent MINT is a delicious emerald green with COPPER added so that it can reduce to a terra cotta red if desired. This luscious lovely Lauscha color is hand-pulled in Lauscha, Germany. COE 104 compatible. 13" rods. 6-8 mm
Price: $8.75

Lauscha Transparent Moss  Green 4-6 mm


Lauscha MOSS is a stunning transparent green that seems to glow from the inside out! Hand pulled in Germany. 104 COE. 13" rods. 1/4 lb. minimum.
Price: $6.25

Lauscha Transparent Purple 4-6 mm


Lauscha's transparent Purple is a great all-around amethyst/purple. It doesn't have the cooler influence of the blue-violet.... it has more warm reddish overtones, giving you a real purple, not violet. Hand pulled in Lauscha, Germany. 104 COE compatible. 13" rods. 4-6 mm.  Quarter pound minimum per color. One pound minimum per order.
Price: $8.00

Lauscha Transparent Seashell Pink 6-8 mm


Seashell Pink is a delicate, clear transparent. Hand pulled in Germany. 104 COE compatible. 13" rods. 6-8 mm. Quarter pound minimum per color. One pound minimum per order.


Price: $8.00

Lauscha Transparent Smoke Grey 4-6 mm


Lauscha Smoke (Transparent) is a versatile neutral grey that would make great elephants! 104 COE compatible. 13" rods. 4-6 mm.

Price: $6.00

Lauscha Transparent Tangerine 6-8 mm


Lauscha's lovely standard transparent orange. Tangerine is succulent and saturated. Luscious to work with. 6-8 mm. 104 COE compatible. 
Price: $8.50

Lauscha Transparent Vampire's Wine 8-10 mm


Vampire's Wine is a deep, dark garnet. It's transparent, but you'll have to hold it up to sunlight to see!! It's the darkest of reds, with a tinge of violet... as if you mixed blood and Merlot. Delicious!

List Price: $35.00
Price: $8.25

Tri-Color Orange 8-10 mm
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You'll love these sought-after TRICOLOR RODS from Lauscha. These are hand pulled rods, with a core of transparent color, a layer of opaque white, which is cased again with transparent core color. COE 104 Compatible. 8-10 mm. 13" rods.
Price: $7.50

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