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8 oz. Tropical Wildflower Honey 
8 oz. Tropical Wildflower Honey

Did you know that it takes two million blossoms and 55,000 miles of flying to make one pound of honey? An individual honeybee makes only 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey in her entire lifetime!

Our Tropical Wildflower honey is incredibly delicious! It comes to you straight from our backyard apiary. (Yes, we know these bees personally!) Delightfully fresh, sweet and satisfying, this light amber honey is created from a diverse assortment of tropical nectars.

Our raw honey is never heated, and therefore retains all of its beneficial enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Most store bought honey has been heated, thereby destroying its nutritional benefits.

Honey is healthful! It's great for digestive difficulties, ulcers and allergies. It prevents infection when placed on wounds or burns. (However, honey should never be fed to infants under one year old.)

We are proud of the purity of our honey. It is unprocessed and unadulterated. It's the real deal! Get some today! 

Price: $7.00

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Do you love HONEY? We've got raw Florida honey, unfiltered, unprocessed and pure. We also have BEESWAX for lubricating your tools! It's the best thing for preventing your metal tools from sticking to molten glass! 1 oz. Beeswax blocks $3 in "Honey Products."

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